Holiday Photo 2014

A little fun was had whilst taking our holiday photo Warning: This is what can actually happen when you’re taking a holiday photo by yourself with the camera set to a timer. You can’t really check on what others are doing while waiting for the shutter to...

vector mini gallery

This is a small flash piece I assembled a while back to show some illustration samples… hope you like

Custom RoR CMS for Altshuler-Berzon

We’ve encountered a variety of clients, each with varying comfort levels of how deep “under the hood” they’re willing to get. Among the popular open source content management systems now available, we find suitable matches for certain clients, less so for others. San...

WebSense Dragster

A project I did with Charlene Moore of Spin 66 Studios.

Angel Island Immigration Station

Just went live with a new site,, the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation.  They’re doing an incredible job in restoring the historical structures at the “Ellis Island of the West” – and are raising the public’s awareness...

Clearspace anyone?

ever heard of clearspace? Freemarker templates? Jive software?  Neither had I, until recently… Part of a Camp Creative project: