I’m a creative professional working in photography, videography, and graphic design. I live and work in Oakland, CA. In addition to professional experience and education, I have the vision, gear, and post-production capabilities to serve a wide variety of needs. I am an FAA licensed drone operator and expert user of Adobe Creative Suite software. More photos available for viewing in the usual places:

In my regular day job I’m Graphic Designer for Bigge Crane and Rigging Co., but I do a whole lot more than design. As part of the Marketing Team, I regularly shoot and edit¬† photos and videos, conceptualize campaigns, write copy, produce print materials, design logos, edit the company website, record voice-overs, and spin up micro-websites. In short, I’m the primary visual creative resource serving the entire organization.

Here’s how to get in touch:
Rocky Laber 510 715-8104 – mobile