East Bay New Leads networking group

I remember getting a voice message from Jeff Hansen, telling me about a group that met in the neighborhood to share leads, network, hang out.  Very convenient for me in particular, as it met across the street from my office on Grand.  Now I’m part of East Bay...

OGSL redesign

now that my daughter is out of the league, time for me to move on.  But as to not leave them high and dry, I put together an easy-to-manage wordpress site.  www.ogsl.org

NAA illustration

I created this for an annual issue that profiles the top 20 in the US newspaper industry, under 40 years old. Published by the Newspaper Association of America

CRAI Holiday project

A fun little project for an international law firm. Collaboration with Randy Schroeder at Blue Wave, and Seb Jarakian at Musync

New projects on the horizon, part 1

If you know a little about me, then you know that I’m involved in youth sports. I’ve got great memories of playing baseball when I was a kid, and part of those memories are of the coaches who led our teams. Not all were great, but I’ve always kept in...

Will work for fine wine

My brother-in-law has been in the wine buisness for some time. Besides being a good guy to hang out with (knowledgeable sports fan, former professional musician) it’s always been nice when the family gathers for an ocassion and he brings wine. Last year I...