intraterm 2010

Once again in April I led an intraterm offering at CPS.  I worked with a very talented group of kids, see for yourself here!

vector mini gallery

This is a small flash piece I assembled a while back to show some illustration samples… hope you like

Multimedia at CPS

Intraterm was great, I had an enjoyable experience working with thoughtful, bright, and creative kids at CPS. (I can easily see how Ms.G has been there so long!) During Intraterm, which takes place the week before spring break, students get to choose from offerings...

Driving in to the office

Intersection photo set When I drive to work, it’s usually through Piedmont, dropping down to upper Grand Avenue.  I don’t know if this constitutes using a cell phone without a hands-free device…

garment print on demand

This is a great new resource for printing t-shirts on demand. I’ve put a couple of brand new music designs up there. Check out my Bountee page.