It was with much excitement and anticipation that I attended a baseball game at Koshien Stadium. With Natalie living for the time being in Japan, the opportunity to visit this amazing country also meant the opportunity to experience Japanese big league baseball. There were several steps in preparing for this outing, and a series of google searches certainly helped, but the most useful resource turned out to be The Hanshin Tigers English News. I corresponded with Trevor, a dedicated fan who runs the site, who generously offered advice and opinions regarding buying tickets, food, and activities at the stadium. Beside reading up on the game in general and the current season, I read Robert Whiting’s You Gotta Have Wa, instrumental in learning about the cultural, historical and strategic differences between the NPB and the American game that I know.
Hanshin Tigers Fans are renowned as a extremely loyal and dedicated group, playing home games in Japan’s oldest and most storied facility. It feels a bit like going to a game at old Yankee Stadium.
Check out photos I’ve posted in this Flickr album, if you poke around you may see more photos of our Japan trip.

7th inning Lucky Balloons