It’s been 30 some years since I saw Sammy Hagar play. If I recall, it was a new years eve show at the Cow Palace, but there’s a good chance my recollection of the date and venue are off by years, miles, or both.

I got an email recently from the manager at the Cabo Wabo Cantina in South Shore Tahoe, one thing led to another, now Trivalve will be heading up there to play 2 dates for the launch of Sammy’s most recent distilled product, Beach Bar Rum.  If you’re in Tahoe on May 4 (Friday) or May 5, come on out to our show, we’re hoping to do a shot or 2 with Sammy himself!

Couldn’t finish this piece without giving props to Ronnie Montrose, R.I.P.  I clearly remember seeing Gamma play at Justin Herman Plaza right around 1980, that much I’m sure of.


we played Whole Lotta Love with Sammy, cousins Cher & Ed showed up, along with Sammy Rose & family