1955CPS softball played incredibly well this year, last night they were crowned NCS Division V champions, and deservedly so. The team played a total of 21 games since February, each a victory.  Some games were hard-fought, others blowouts, but in NCS play they ran the table and did not allow a run – remarkable. Last night they defeated a very talented team, St. Barnard’s of Eureka, 1-0.  It was classic softball, dominated by pitching and defense.  The Cougars scratched out a single run in the 4th inning, a razor thin margin of victory.  The game ended with St. Barnard’s runners in scoring position, the tying run at 3rd, the go ahead run 60 feet behind her, and Sadie striking out the side.

I’m very proud of my daughter and all the girls, here’s what we’ve had all season long:

A group of talented, competitive and dedicated young ladies who know the game, play it hard, and show respect toward the game, their opponents, and officials.  Everyone knows their role, accepts it and fulfills it for the greater good of the team.

An outstanding coaching staff, full of positive energy, equally well versed in instruction, strategy and motivation.

An enthusiastic and knowledgeable fan base consisting of students, alumni and parents.  The time spent together is always very enjoyable.

Team spirit.  To witnessed it firsthand is to know what I’m talking about.

An outfield that can run, catch and throw.  Witness the relay against Valley Christian, when a bomb to the wastelands of right center field beacme an out at 3rd base.  It hapened that way because the fielders didn’t give up, and they executed the way they’ve been taught.  In addition, these girls consistently did all the little things right. For example,  hustling into position to back plays up and keeping runners from advancing on errant throws.

An infield that turned many a hard shot into outs.  The other team hit the ball hard? No problem, we routinely gobbled up ground balls and line drives, retiring batter after batter.

On-field leadership. One word: Zoe.  To see her in action is to truly appreciate her talent.  A catcher that knows home plate belongs to her.

Pitching.  This is what we had that put us way over the top in our league and in NCS play.  Most teams have just one, a few teams have a pretty good one. Not us, we have two. We are blessed with a pair of hard throwing, accurate and cool-under-pressure pitchers.  They’re both sophomores, and both getting stronger with each progressing season.

A school that puts the right amount of support and emphasis on their athletic program.  CPS is typically not the place to go if a kid is looking to immerse in a highly competitive athletic program, that’s somewhere else.  The administration, faculty, staff and student culture allow for a rich balance of academics and athletics.

College Prep will now hang a softball championship banner in the gym for the very first time.

CPS alum Nick Masson (brother of senior 1B Helen) has been documenting the last several games, you can see more photo sets here.