bcle_champsThe 2010 CPS softball team accomplished a lot this year.  You don’t always believe the preseason predictions, but in this case, those who made them had an inkling.

And so it goes from year to year, certain teams are loaded with talented seniors, the next year their core has moved on.  CPS certainly benefited from the talent and experience of their upcoming graduates, and next year may be another story.  What remains is a strong and dedicated group, including 2 outstanding pitchers (ahem), a pair players that should continue to have a significant impact on the program. The season went along without too much drama, save for a scare against OMI on Senior Day.  Highlights would include the tournament win in Calistoga, and the 1-0 win over Marin Academy, no question our best played game of the year.

Contributions came from up and down the lineup, but our pitching absolutely set us apart from the rest of the pack, en route to a 19-0 record.  Over the course of the season,the 2 sophomores compiled some impressive stats:

Natalie Laber: 9 wins, 67 strikeouts, 0.52 ERA, 1.000 fielding percnetage

Sadie Oliver-Grey: 9 wins, 102 strikeouts, .080 ERA, 1.000 fielding percnetage

It’s on to NCS, Prep finds out about their draw Sunday May 23.