… that’s what I say to my cat Monte, in jest, at least once a day.  She’s a very sweet orange tabby, and Mary Ann really loves her.  She’s almost 2 years old, has accompanied us to Idaho, and ran up a little vet bill 2 weeks ago.

On a Thursday night, she was pinned under the rollup garage door (not sure how), by the time we discovered and released her, she flopped around like she’s lost control her hind legs.  The kids and I rushed her to the 24 hour clinic, where she stayed the night.  I thought she was a goner, but it turns out she had more lives in reserve.  (wonder how many she’s down to…)  What look like wrist bands in the color photo are where she was shaved and the vet inserted an IV.  They estimated recovery at 21 days, it took about 4 before she was back to normal.