Scanning recently, I saw a still from Field of Dreams where Costner and Liotta are playing catch. The article referred to a KNBR promotion contest for Father’s Day, where 68 dads vie for the chance to play catch with their kid on the field before a Giants game. Entries are judged by the content of their email stating why they deserve to win.
Bob Fratti won a KNBR contest like this last year, he got to be “ball dude” for the Giants, I don’t remember if it was “ball dude camp” or for an actual game. Regardless, it sounded very cool, he was proud of having done it, and I remembered his approach for the winning entry: keep it brief.
Using the Fratti rule-of-thumb, here’s my WINNING entry:

Subject: Reasons why I should win the fathers day contest
Date: June 10, 2009 8:36:58 AM PDT
there are several:
I’m 48 years old and have been working hard on perfecting my knuckleball. I think it represents my best and last chance of making a major league roster and I want Giants scouts to see me.
My kids are ballplayers: my son, a 12 year old speedy centerfielder, and my daughter, a freshman all-league (BCL East) pitcher.
My wife hits line drives regularly in her women’s league.
I can still go yard in my mens league.
I’m told that I sound like Tom Tolbert.

I don’t know the truth in that last line, but it’s Bob who told me. I got the email this morning telling me that I was one of the winning selections.  WOO!! Thanks ball dude!  See you on the diamond

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