For as long as I can remember, my aunt Rosemarie (my mom’s sister) has baked Christmas cookies – a lot of Christmas cookies.  In fact, more cookies than you can imagine.  As part of this very large and sprawling family (my mom’s the youngest of 8, her brother alone has 10 children, and as good Catholics go, lots of nieces, nephews, grandchildren and great-grandchildren), she presented gift boxes of baked goods to just about every family, each containing 2-3 dozen cookies of various shapes, flavors and sizes.

Word got out that this would be Rosemarie’s final year of Christmas baking.  It was my mom who broke the news to us maybe a couple months ago.  For a little history, Rosemarie’s house was remodeled 40+ years ago, the kitchen was expanded to serve as her crafts workshop and food production area, so she means business.

We were all relieved to learn that the initial reports were in fact inaccurate, just as my brother stepped up to deliver a toast to acknowledge our aunt at the family gathering on Christmas night. Turns out my mom got the story wrong, Rosemarie decided to stop hosting Christmas Eve for the Ramos family at her house (another meal of epic proportion).

All is right with the world again. As word spread of the developments and conflicting reports, stock analysts warned of the potential impact to butter and sugar futures.

Long live Tallo’s cookies!!