Daily Photo

Not quote a resolution, but a New Year goal: I’m trying to shoot every day in 2021 and post at least 1 daily photo to this page. Here goes.
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January 2021

2021 Jan 01

Sunset shot from in front of the house at an altitude of 400′ AGL.

2021 Jan 02

Palace of Fine Arts on a drizzly Saturday in the city.

2021 Jan 03

When the camelias bloom, Nat’s birthday must be right around the corner.

2021 Jan 04

Sky ablaze looking west from the foot of the Bay Bridge in Oakland.

2021 Jan 05

A thank you/holiday gift from a coworker – let’s see if I can keep this little fella alive 🙂

2021 Jan 06

I have a pretty decent space for recording at work.

2021 Jan 07

Tower crane A&D team starts early on San Pablo Avenue.

2021 Jan 08

Waning crescent moon, 25.2%.

2021 Jan 09

End of day 1, tower crane dismantle at Google Bay View.

2021 Jan 10

Creek at Leona Canyon Park.

2021 Jan 11

Sun yet to rise at Fairmont Ridge.

2021 Jan 12

Park Street Bridge straddling the estuary between Oakland and Alameda.

2021 Jan 13

Evening falls on the wetlands that ring the North Bay.

2021 Jan 14

Stargazing from the driveway.

2021 Jan 15

A passenger train shatters the pre-dawn silence at Jack London Square.

2021 Jan 16

Rising sun illuminates the skies over Lake Merritt.

2021 Jan 17

Eucalypus grove at Sibley Volcanic Preserve.

2021 Jan 18

Chalk this one up to my day job. Quick trip to Brooklyn Basin in Oakland.

2021 Jan 19

Dusty trail lined by redwoods in Joaquin Miller Park.

2021 Jan 20

First Quarter Moon, 53.2%.

2021 Jan 21

Harbor Bay sunset in Alameda.

2021 Jan 22

Clouds suppress the sunset over the peninsula of San Francisco.

2021 Jan 23

A turkey vulture circles the sky above the Oakland hills.

2021 Jan 24

Fountain at the Mormon Temple in Oakland on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

2021 Jan 25

Clear skies over the bay, looking west from the Port of Oakland.

2021 Jan 26

The Fruitvale Bridge on a chilly winter morning.

2021 Jan 27

Crawler Crane assembly on the waterfront

2021 Jan 28

Sculpture jutting into the sky at Oyster Bay.

2021 Jan 29

Clouds tower over San Francisco before noon.

2021 Jan 30

Dramatic start to a Saturday morning.

2021 Jan 31

Never get tired of seeing the sun set over the bay.

February 2021

2021 Feb 01

Tire tread detail, back button focus exploration.

2021 Feb 02

On a wet morning, the welcome sign in front of a local medical facility.

2021 Feb 03

Pre-dusk at MLK Shoreline.

2021 Feb 04

A camellia shot for Nat on the actual day.

2021 Feb 05

Paying tribute to my sister, Shelley. May the ocean connect us, one and all.

2021 Feb 06

From yesterday’s morning trip to the city, edited today.

2021 Feb 07

Steps leading to the beach at Carmel by the Sea.

2021 Feb 08

As the sun edges its way upward, a pastel glow is cast on the horizon.

2021 Feb 09

Newly remodeled training room at work.

2021 Feb 10

Amtrak station at Jack London Square.

2021 Feb 11

Train arriving on the Westbound platform at Rockridge BART.

2021 Feb 12

ATC Tower at Oakland International Airport.

2021 Feb 13

Lone cyclist on a wide stretch of Skyline.

2021 Feb 14

A toast to St. Valentine.

2021 Feb 15

Your basic 18% Waxing Crescent Moon.

2021 Feb 16

A cypress basks in the early evening sun.

2021 Feb 17

Safety consultation staged.

2021 Feb 18

Port of Oakland Inner Harbor.

2021 Feb 19

Bay Sunset.

2021 Feb 20

Gathering of the tribes with an injection of youth.

2021 Feb 21

Car Show at the USS Hornet on a gorgeous Sunday morning.

2021 Feb 22

Safety talk redux.

2021 Feb 23

Vehicles pass through the intersection on the way to the Oakland Airport.

2021 Feb 24

Workers pause between loads of rebar in San Jose.

2021 Feb 25

Lakland Skyline 55-02.

2021 Feb 26

Fruitvale Village fountain.

2021 Feb 27

Full moon through the Pergola at Lake Merritt.

2021 Feb 28

I missed a day. Shame on me.

March 2021

2021 Mar 01

In honor of spring training.

2021 Mar 02

Still life macro experiment.

2021 Mar 03

When the morning sky suddenly turns cotton candy, and just as quickly it’s gone.