We’ve encountered a variety of clients, each with varying comfort levels of how deep “under the hood” they’re willing to get. Among the popular open source content management systems now available, we find suitable matches for certain clients, less so for others. San Francisco law firm Altshuler Berzon hired us to build a very specific CMS, paring away what turned out to be unneccessary functionality that other CMSs have to offer. Joomla, Drupal and WordPress (all of which we like) certainly have their places, this turned out not to be one of them.

Designed and built from the ground up in Ruby on Rails, AB’s staff can access an easy-to-use administrative dashboard to make the most common changes – news updates, announcements, attorney bios, case victories – and not be overloaded with complexity or functionality that comes with a steep learning curve. In short, a streamlined CMS that very directly addresses their needs.

Another very nice aspect of this job is its level of accessibility. AB represents the National Federation for the Blind, and as such, they wanted their website to pass certification requirements in its coding, which it does. The site can be used in conjunction with hardware that enables sight-impaired users to get full access to the public-facing sections.

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